With all of the media that is available on the internet, and all of the media that is often collected in an iTunes library, there are times when you may want to connect your Mac computer to your TV. There are a few different options that can be used to connect your device to a television, and output the computer’s display to the big screen. In today’s post, we will detail how to connect Apple computers to televisions.

Thunderbolt Port

The Thunderbolt port that is built into newer Mac computers can act as a gateway for things like an external hard drive, but it also has built-in display capabilities too. To connect a Mac to a TV via Thunderbolt connection, you will need an adapter. You will also need to have a television with a VGA, DVI, or HDMI port.

Apple sells various adapters, but for the most part, consider the Mini DisplayPort to VGA, Mini DisplayPort to DVI, or Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapters. Notice that although these adapters are not branded as Thunderbolt cables, they will work with newer Thunderbolt Macs. The Thunderbolt interface is highly based off of Apple’s Mini DisplayPort.


If you don’t have a more recent Mac, you can still use an adapter to connect to a TV. So, if you have a Mac with a Mini DisplayPort (not thunderbolt), the adapters mentioned above will work for you also. If you have a MacBook (not pro), or early MacBook Pro, you will likely need a Mini-DVI to DVI cable.

Mini DVI

Apple TV

Although I am somewhat of an Apple enthusiast, I would still consider the majority of Apple products to be overpriced. One exception to this is the Apple TV, which goes for $99.00 new and around $79.99 if you can find a refurbished Apple TV in stock on Apple.com. At those prices, the Apple TV is competitive in price with similar devices. Not only can the Apple TV serve as a way to connect a Mac to a TV, but you can also use it to connect an iPod, iPad, or iPhone.

If you will be connecting a Mac or iDevice to your television frequently, the Apple TV is probably the way to go. No having to always connect and disconnect a cable, as Apple TV is completely wireless. It also offers the streaming of many popular internet services such as Netflix and YouTube.

Apple TV

Those are the main options for connecting Apple products to a television. To learn how to connect any computer to a television (not just Apple), check out Online-Tech-Tips guide. If anyone else knows of any ways to connect a Mac computer to a television, leave a comment to help others who may be trying to setup their computers and televisions.