There are several different archive utilities available for OS X, but few have the functionality and different format support that The Unarchiver offers. With near perfect App Store reviews, The Unarchiver is a completely free utility that can open Zip, RAR, Tar, BIN, EXE, and more.

To get started, launch the Mac App Store on your computer by clicking the Apple logo and selecting App Store from the drop down menu. This should immediately launch the App Store.

Mac App Store

With the App Store window open and active on screen, enter the term “unarchiver” into the upper right-hand corner search box and press enter. Several search results may result. Locate the app with the title The Unarchiver and click the FREE button to begin installation.

Search The Unarchiver Mac Store

You will of course, need to sign in to your Apple account next. Once you sign in, the app download should start.

The Unarchiver Install

Once the download finishes, launch The Unarchiver using the path Finder > Applications > The Unarchiver.

Applications Unarchiver

You can set specific file extensions that you would like The Unarchiver to handle by clicking the check box next to the according file format. You can also choose all of the compatible file formats by clicking the Select all button. The Extraction and Advanced tabs let you specify more advanced settings for The Unarchiver, but editing these files is not necessary. That’s really all there is to it. Now, whenever you download a program or application that is archived using a rare format, The Unarchiver should auto detect the file and be able to extract it. The Unarchiver is mainly a set it and forget it solution for archived files.

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