Close Running Applications on iPhone

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iOS 4.0 for iPhone finally brought multitasking to Apple’s device. The long awaiting background processes were finally allowed, such as playing Pandora radio will browsing through other apps. Before 4.0, only Apple’s native applications could perform background operations, such as the iPod app. Along with the ability to background tasks, some apps can quickly drain […]

Use the Line In Audio Input on a Mac

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Every Mac comes with a built-in microphone, and most Macbook and Desktop Macs also include a “Line In” audio input. This Line in port looks identical to a headphone jack, but instead of a headphone logo, it will have a circle with two inward facing triangles. The port can be used to plug in an […]

How to Set an Alarm in iCal

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iCal, the free calendar application in OS X, has a wealth of options for managing and tracking your day-to-day activities. One of iCal’s most useful features is the ability to set up alarms for specific events in your schedule. These alarms can take many forms, from message and sound alerts to playing music files or […]

Working with Downloads in Safari

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Safari features a dedicated Downloads window which allows you to view your current downloads, stop and restart them as well as perform various operations with your downloaded files. In combination with the Downloads folder on your Mac’s hard drive, Safari allows you to easily control and work with downloaded files from the Internet. In this […]

Mac OS X Startup Keyboard Shortcuts

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While in general day-to-day use, turning on and booting your Mac is simply a matter of pressing the Power button and waiting for OS X to load, there are occasions when you need to perform certain actions during the OS X startup process. These can range from choosing to boot from a selection of drives […]

How to Rapidly Resize Your Icons in OS X

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One of the advantages of the OS X graphics system is its ability to rapidly alter the scale of displayed images. This ability not only includes the thumbnails that represent files and folders on your Mac’s hard drive, but extends to the OS X system and application icons themselves. In this article, we’ll show you […]

Using Disk Utility to Backup Your Mac

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While Time Machine is a great way to backup your Mac, sometimes it can be very useful to create a disk image of your Mac OS X hard drive to store on an external drive. One example would be if you were intending to replace your MacBook’s hard drive. Creating a backup disk image with […]

Setting Up Simple Finder in OS X

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If you have children or inexperienced computer users who would like to use your Mac, setting up a user account with Simple Finder enabled in OS X allows you to control what features and applications they can access while also preventing the possibility of, for instance, the unintended deletion of files. Simple Finder is a […]

How to Store Your iTunes Library on an External Drive

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While conventional internal hard drive space is plentiful in the majority of modern Macs, there are several good reasons why you may wish to store your iTunes Library on an external drive. Firstly, in this day and age, the sheer quantity of media we have in our iTunes Libraries – music, movies, podcasts, apps and […]

How to Repair Permissions in OS X

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When it comes to keeping your Mac running smoothly, repairing permissions is one of the quickest and simplest tasks to do for a user switching to Mac. Permissions are the term Mac OS X uses for the access privileges a user has for every file, folder and application on their system, giving that user the […]