There are several different kinds of servers you may deal with on a daily basis. Some are local, others are in the cloud, some may need to be remotely accessed. OS X provides a native way to connect to any server, even remotely, and mount it as a hard drive on the Desktop. From here you can treat it the same way you would a USB flash or external hard drive.

To begin, click the Finder icon in the Dock.


Click the Go section in the menu bar. Roll the cursor over Connect to Server and click on it.

Connect To

From the new window, enter the network or local address of the server you are trying to access. Local servers may be found by entering

Enter Address

The clock icon on the right-hand side of the window will show you a list of recently accessed servers. The Plus + icon will add the current address to the Favorite Servers list.

Recent Servers

Once the address has been entered, click the Connect button.


A window will pop up letting you know the Mac is trying to access that server.

Connecting to Server

Once connected, the server will appear as a mounted hard drive on your desktop. Double click it to add or copy files from the server.

Desktop Icon

In order to eject the connected server, CTRL + click on the image and select Eject.