Using Templates in Pages

This brief tutorial will guide you through using the templates included in Pages, a part of the iWord ’09 suite. Using Pages is a great way to enhance your business portfolio and create personal cards and more!

Open Pages and choose New from Template Chooser… from File menu.

open a new pages templateThe column on the left will list all of the template categories and sub-categories. In the Word Processing category you can select templates for Letters, Forms, Resumes, Reports and of course, a blank template.

If you select the Reports sub-category, you’ll be presented with a list of different Report templates. These include School Reports, Term Papers, Research Papers, Lesson Plans and many more.

If you select the Newsletters sub-category under Page Layout, you’ll be able to create High School Newsletters and Real Estate Newsletters, just to name a few.

Using templates in Pages can drastically cut down on your work-time, so take advantage of them!

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