Setup Safari 5 to Open Links as New Tabs Instead of New Windows

In a previous post, we covered how to force Safari 4 to open links in a new tab instead of a new window. For many people, this is the preference, as it makes web browsing a bit less cluttered and slightly more manageable. With the default Mac web browser set to open up links in tabs, whenever you click a link it will open in the existing window. In Safari 5, Apple has included this as an option in Safari, so you don’t have to use the terminal to apply the settings.

New tab in Safari

To get started, launch the Safari web browser by selecting it from the Mac OS X dock, or by using the path Finder > Applications > Safari. Once Safari is open and active on screen, select the Safari listing from the top OS X navigation bar and select Preferences from the context menu. This will launch the Safari preferences window.

Safari Preferences

Next, select the Tabs tab. This preferences tab contains several settings that can adjust how Safari handles new links and pages. The listing Open pages in tabs instead of windows: allows you to configure how links open in the web browser. To setup Safari 5 to open link as tabs instead of new windows, select Always.

Safari Tabs Set

Now, with Always enabled, Safari will actually force every hyperlink to open in a new tab. This is convenient, most of the time. However, if you click a link that uses a specific sized window, then this is not a great option, as the window will still display, but because it is deploying as a new tab in the current window, the window will not be able to automatically resize itself.

This is not a major issue or anything like that, but it can be annoying. For example, if you click a link that launches an online game that only takes up maybe a quarter of a maximized window, then Safari will simply force this into a new, full sized window in a new tab.

Another great and recommended option is to set Open pages in tabs instead of windows: to Automatic. With this setting, the web browser will open any normal windows as new tabs, but for specifically sized windows, or web content that is specifically set to be deployed in it’s own separate window, Safari will allow it.

That’s all there is to it. Thank you for stopping by the site for today’s post which features a simple way to make the Safari web browser more optimized for tabs. If anyone has any questions regarding Safari 5 settings, feel free to leave a comment and I will try to help out.

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