Syncing Windows Phone 7 Devices with Your Mac

If you’ve recently purchased a Windows Phone 7 device, you may have noticed that the Zune desktop software is unavailable for Mac OS X. If you’re curious, the Zune desktop software is a PC-only media center application which you can use to sync music, videos and other files to your Windows Phone 7 or Zune device. If you want to sync your Windows Phone with a Mac, you’ll need an alternative to the Zune desktop software. Microsoft has recently released this alternative under the name Windows Phone 7 Connector.

In this tutorial, we will be going over how to use Windows Phone Connector to sync, back up and update your Windows Phone 7 device. Before we start, make sure you download Windows Phone 7 Connector for Mac. This application is available via the Mac App Store.

Syncing and Updating Your Windows Phone

To start, launch the Windows Phone 7 Connector application on your Mac. Once it has completely launched, connect your Windows Phone 7 device or Zune HD via USB to your Mac. For this tutorial, I will be using a Nokia Lumia 900.

Screen Shot 2012 04 21 at 2 16 36 PM

Now that your Windows Phone device is connected to your Mac, you should see your device’s name on the lefthand side of the screen. Please click on your device’s name to bring up the settings and other options available for your device.

Screen Shot 2012 04 21 at 2 56 32 PM

Look towards the center of the Windows Phone Connector application. You will see two buttons labeled “App Marketplace” and “Device Options…”. If you click on the “App Marketplace” option, you will be taken to a webpage where you can buy applications for your Windows Phone device. Clicking on “Device Options” will bring up a drop down menu.

From this menu you can rename your device, configure sync options and restore your device. If you look towards the bottom of the menu, you will be able to back up and update your device. We recommend updating your Windows Phone and backing it up as often as possible.

App Marketplace, Device Options

Syncing Media With Your Windows Phone

Look towards the righthand side of the application under the Devices header. You will see a few options labeled “Music”, “Photos & Videos”,  “Movies & TV Shows” and “Podcasts”. When you click on these options you’ll be able to sync your iTunes or iPhoto content with your Windows Phone 7 device. Please note that you cannot sync iTunes content which has DRM enabled.

Screen Shot 2012 04 21 at 4 09 16 PM

If you click on the option labeled “Browse Device” you will be able to browse the images, videos and other content which you have created on your device. You can choose to transfer these files to your Mac, preview the files or delete them from your device.

Screen Shot 2012 04 21 at 4 58 54 PM

Thanks for reading today’s Switching To Mac article. As always, we hope we helped you your Mac issue! Check back soon for more Mac related tutorials and reviews.

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