Speciality Web Browsers

For most of us, the internet is our lifeline to news, social networking, and communication. ┬áThe web browser is how we consume this content. Most Mac users tend to use the standard web browsers such as Safari, Chrome, or Firefox. While these browsers are great, a new era of browsers, dubbed “specialty browsers”, are on the rise. These browsers are meant to make your web experience better by adding cool features and amazingly simple user interfaces.

Below, we will be showing you the best specialty browsers for Mac OS X and show off their most outstanding features.

RockMelt – A FaceBook Lovers Dream


RockMelt is perfect for social butterflies who choose to reside on Facebook. This browser features deep integration with Facebook chat, notifications, friend requests, and more. You can also integrate your Twitter, Tumblr and YouTube accounts for added social functionality. I think it’s safe to say that RockMelt truly is the social browser.

Stainless – Perfect For Minimalists


If you’re a minimalist, you probably know the pains of trying to find a web browser which doesn’t offer ultra large status bars and unnecessary buttons. Stainless is here to fix that with an extremely minimal interface which includes small menus and minimal buttons. Stainless also offers a cool feature called Parallel Sessions which allows you to log into one site with two different sets of log in credentials.

Keep in mind that Stainless is still in beta, but they should be releasing a full version soon.

Camino – Keeping PowerPC Users Up To Date


While PowerPC has been dead since 2006, many Mac users still love their classic machines and use them on a daily basis. The only problem with doing this is the fact that FireFox and other popular browsers aren’t supported on PowerPC machines, forcing users to use outdated browsers which may not support current web standards. Camino has decided to put an end to this problem by making their current web standards compliant browser compatible with PowerPC machines. Keep in mind that Camino does require OS X 10.4 to run.

Thanks for taking a look at today’s Switching To Mac article. We hope we helped you find the best specialty browser for your Mac! Check back soon for more Mac and iOS related content.

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