Setting Custom Keystrokes for Mission Control and Launchpad

Mission Control is a great feature of OS X Lion which gives you an overview of all open windows, applications and desktops on your Mac. And while Mission Control is a breeze to use, it can be annoying and tedious to activate it. That’s when we come in. In this tutorial we will be showing you how to set custom keystrokes for Mission Control as well as a few other key features within OS X.

This tutorial does not require any additional software or plugins. Before starting this tutorial, make sure your Mac is completely updated.

Setting Custom Keystrokes within Mac OS X

Lets start by launching System Preferences on your Mac. To do this, look towards the Apple Toolbar and click on the Apple Button. When you do the, a drop down menu will appear. From this menu, click on the option labeled “System Preferences”. This is the fourth option from the top of the menu.

System Preferences

Look towards the top of the System Preferences window, you will see a header labeled “Personal”. Under this header is an option labeled “Mission Control”, click on this option.

Mission Control

Look towards the center of the Mission Control window, you will see a header labeled “Keyboard and Mouse Shortcuts”. Under this header are four options labeled after the function they carry out, for instance Mission Control and Show Desktop are there. Next to these options are two drop down menus. From these menus you can set your custom keystroke for the selected function.

For more options, hold down one of your Shift, Option, Control or Command keys. If you would like to use your trackpad to help carry out a function, look towards the second column of drop down menus. From here you can set a keystroke which involves either secondary clicking or middle clicking while holding the selected key.


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