Setting A Master Password

If you are a Mac user that has multiple user accounts with passwords, read on. In this tutorial we will be showing you how to create a master password that will unlock all user accounts on your Mac. Before we start this tutorial, make sure that you are signed in as an administrator.

Note: All original user passwords on your Mac will stay the same.   The master password should only be used if a user forgets their password.

Setting A Master Password

1. Open System Preferences by launching it from your dock or by searching for it in Spotlight.

System Preferences.png

2. Once System Preferences has completely launched, look under the Personal category and click on Security.


3. Once you are in the Security window, look towards the top of the window. You will see three tabs. Click on the tab that is labeled “FileVault”.


4. Look towards the center of the window, and click on the button labeled “Set Master Password…”.

Master Password.png

5. A drop down menu will now appear that will ask you to choose a master password and verify it. Once you are done choosing a password, click OK.


Thanks for reading today’s tutorial, stop by tomorrow for more Mac tips.

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