Overview: Reminders for OS X Mountain Lion

When Reminders for iOS was launched with iOS 5, I was absolutely overjoyed. Why? Because I had been long searching for a good and free to-do list application which syncs between devices. And while it wasn’t available for Mac at the time, I still used it anyway to sync tasks between my iPhone, iPod and iPad. However, this all recently changed as Reminders for Mac was released with Mountain Lion. With Reminders for Mac, you can sync your to-do list with all of your Apple devices running OS X or iOS.

Reminders for Mac

Reminders for Mac looks very similar to the iPhone app as they feature the same textured design. Both apps allow you to click the giant plus button at the top of the screen to create a new task and to complete it by checking the checkbox next to the task. You can also add a date or location-based reminder by double clicking on a task.

If you have multiple to-do lists, look to the lefthand corner of the app, you can view them there. If you’d like to add a list, look towards the bottom lefthand side of Reminders window and press the smaller plus button. Next to this button are two other buttons, a minimize button and a calendar button. If you click on the calendar button you can search your to-do’s by the due date. If you click on the minimize button you will only be able to view your open list.

Thanks for reading this Switching To Mac tutorial! Check back tomorrow for more OS X and iOS help!

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