Microsoft’s SkyDrive Released For Mac

While Microsoft’s SkyDrive service may not be the most popular cloud storage service, it’s definitely my favorite. This is because SkyDrive acts like Dropbox by combining a stellar web client with a desktop folder which allows you to sync files across multiple computers and mobile devices.


While SkyDrive has always offered 7GB of free storage, Microsoft has recently been upgrading existing users to 25GB for free. As for now, only existing users can only enroll in the 7GB plan. If you would like to buy additional storage for your SkyDrive, plans start at just $10/year for an extra 20GB, $25/ year for 50GB and $50/year for 100GB. Microsoft is definitely trying to undercut Dropbox with these amazing plans as dropbox charges $199/year for a 100GB plan.

Microsoft has also released the SkyDrive Mac app. Before this release, Mac users had to use the SkyDrive web client to upload and download files. The SkyDrive desktop application is pretty simple as it only creates a folder on the user’s Mac. Dropping files into this folder will upload it to Microsoft’s SkyDrive folders, syncing it with their other computers and mobile devices.

The SkyDrive iOS app has also received a minor update which  has enabled Retina graphics for the new iPad and has allowed the opening of SkyDrive files in other applications such as Pages and iBooks. This update brings a ton of added functionality to the iOS app and will have me using Microsoft’s SkyDrive service more and more.

As for now, Microsoft has only released SkyDrive for iOS, Windows, Mac and Windows Phone 7. There is no word if we will see Linux, Blackberry or Android apps in the near future, so some users may not want or be able to use Skydrive because of this. Hopefully we will see them added soon!

As for me, I have completely switched from Dropbox to SkyDrive after I was awarded a free 25GB account from Microsoft. Even at the standard 7GB account, I still would’ve switched as SkyDrive offers a 5GB advantage over DropBox and a 2GB advance over the newly launched Google Drive.

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