Managing Boot Applications

Launching applications on boot can save you a ton of time and can increase your productivity. And while this may sound like a good idea in theory, many users aren’t sure how to enable applications to launch on boot. Because of this, we wanted to show you how to easily manage your boot apps as well as add applications to launch on boot.  While this tutorial doesn’t require any additional plugins or software, make sure you’re updated to the latest version of OS X.

Managing Boot Applciations

Lets start by launching the System Preferences app on your Mac. Doing this is pretty simple, just click on the Apple Button which is located towards the lefthand side of the Apple Toolbar. When you do this, a drop down menu will appear. Look halfway down this menu and click on the option labeled “System Preferences”. This is the fourth option from the top of the menu.

System Preferences

Look towards the bottom of the System Preferences window, you will see a header labeled “System”. Under this header is a button labeled “Users & Groups”. Click on this option.

Screen Shot 2012 06 27 at 2 55 32 AM

Look towards the righthand side of the screen, you will see two tabs. Click on the tab labeled “Login Items”. When you do this, you will see a chart of all applications you currently have set to launch when your computer boots up. If you would like to remove one of these apps, highlight it and click on the minus sign which is located under this chart.

If you’d like to add an option, press the plus sign and navigate to the application you would like to launch on boot. You can also choose to hide an application on boot by checking the checkbox which is located to the left of app’s name.

Boot Applications

That wraps up today’s Switching To Mac tutorial, check back soon for more helpful tutorials and reviews!

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