Make your Mac’s Dock Transparent with Mirage

While the Mac dock generally looks nice, you may want to make it transparent to add a bit of functionality to your Mac’s desktop. While Apple seemed to remove the ability to do this in Terminal with the release of OS X Lion, a user at Mac Themes has decided to take this matter into his own hands by releasing Mirage for Mac. This simple Mac app allows you to make your dock transparent and to do other minor dock tweaks.

Before we start, make sure to download Mirage from the Mac Themes forum.

Making your Dock Transparent

After you’ve downloaded and installed Mirage, launch it on your Mac. You can do this by launching it via Spotlight or your Applications folder.

Screen Shot 2012 04 30 at 9 37 36 PM

Once the application has completely launched, look towards the top of the app. You will see a header labeled “Dock”. Make sure the checkbox under this option is checked. You should also see three other headers under this including “Separator”, “Indicators” and “Stacks”. Separator makes your separators transparent, indicators makes your indicators clear, and stacks makes your Stacks clear. Enabling indicators and stacks will almost render these features useless, so I wouldn’t recommend enabling these two.


Once you’ve configured your dock to your liking, look towards the bottom of the app and click on the large button labeled “Install”. Your dock will now restart and the changes will be applied.


Restoring your Dock

If you’d like to restore your dock, launch Mirage and look towards the top of the app. You will see an option labeled Restore. Click on this.


Like we’ve covered before, look under the Dock header which is located towards the top of the app. Make sure the checkbox under this and all other headers are checked.


Look towards the bottom of the application and click on the option labeled Restore. Your dock will now restart and return to normal.


Thanks for taking a look at today’s Switching To Mac article, we hoped we helped you customize your Mac. Check back soon for more Mac and iOS tips and tricks.

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