Installing New Photo Booth and iChat Effects

Photo Booth is a great novelty app that comes with your Mac. Photo Booth lets you take pictures and video on your Mac via it’s built-in webcam. One neat feature about Photo Booth is the fact that it can add instant effects to your pictures.

iChat is a great chatting program that can integrate with AOL, FaceBook and many other IM services. ┬áIn this tutorial we will be showing you how to add more video and picture effects to iChat and Photo Booth. This can make your iChat calls more entertaining and your Photo Booth “photo shoots” more creative.

Adding Effects To Photo Booth and iChat

1. Open a web browser of your choice and navigate to the “More iChat Effects 2.04 page. When the page fully loads, look at the upper righthand corner of the page and click “Download”. This will download the extra iChat effects.


2. Once the download has finished, open the .pkg that was downloaded.

Open The .Pkg..png

3. An Installer window will now open. The Installer app will guide you through the installation.


4. The new effects have now been installed. If iChat or Photo Booth are currently open, please restart them to view and use the new effects.

Photo Booth.png

Note: When you first install the new effects, Photo Booth may take a little longer than normal to open.

Thanks for reading today’s tutorial, please check back tomorrow for more Apple tips.

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