Downloading and Configuring Messages Beta For Mac

With the announcement of OS X Mountain Lion, Apple decided to release a beta of Messages, an iChat replacement which integrates with iMessages and allows you to chat with pals who use iPads and iPhones. While Messages beta isn’t perfect, it gets the job done and is available for free.

If you would like to get a sneak peek at Messages before its official release this summer, read on!  In this quick tutorial we will be going over how to find and download the Messages beta for Mac. If you would like to learn how to set up Messages for iOS, head over to this post.

Downloading Messages Beta

Download Button

Let’s begin by launching your favorite web browser and heading over to Apple’s Messages Beta download page. Once the page has completely loaded, look towards the center of the page. You will see a large blue button labeled “Download Messages Free Beta”. Click on this button to download Messages.

Messages Button

Open the downloaded DMG. You will now see a .pkg file, open this file and follow the installation process.

Apple ID

Now that you’ve completed the installation process, you will be prompted to restart your Mac. Once the restart process is completed, launch the Messages app. Since it’s your first time launching Messages, you will be prompted to log in with an Apple ID. Once you’ve completed this setup process, you can start sending and receiving iMessages on your Mac.


Please keep in mind that Messages for Mac is still in beta and you may run into a few bumps and hiccups while using the application. We can expect the full version of Messages for Mac to launch with OS X Mountain Lion this coming summer.

That concludes today’s Switching To Mac tip. Check back soon for more Mac, iPhone and iPad related content.

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