Disabling Inverted Scrolling

While OS X Lion comes with a ton of cool features such as full screen apps and Mission Control, it also offers some features which are less than desirable to some. One of these features is inverted scrolling, where you essentially scroll just as you would on your iOS device. The intent is to provide a more natural feeling when scrolling webpages.

While I’m personally a fan of inverse scrolling, some users who often switch between Macs and PCs may prefer to disable it. In this tutorial, we will be showing you how to disable inverted scrolling on your Mac.

Disabling Inverted Scrolling

To start, launch System Preferences on your Mac. Look towards the top of the application, where you will see a header labeled Hardware. Look under this header and click on the option labeled Trackpad.


Now look towards the top of the window. Click on the tab labeled “Scroll & Zoom”. Under this tab you will see four different options. Disable the first option labeled “Scroll direction: natural” by clicking the checkbox located to the left of the label. You have now disabled inverted/natural scrolling.

Screen Shot 2012 04 23 at 9 17 29 PM

We hope this tutorial has helped you customize your Mac to your liking. Make sure to check back soon for more tutorials similar to this!

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