Creating Events in iPhoto

Organizing your photos in iPhoto can be done in several ways. Albums can be used to manually group photos together, smart albums will automatically add photos based on criteria you specify, and in iPhoto ’09 or above, Faces and Places organize photos based on who’s in the picture or where it was taken.

Another great way to group photos together is called Events, which will include photos taken on the same date or range of dates. iPhoto will ask you to create events when photos are imported, but older photos can be grouped into Events manually as well.

To create an Event, open iPhoto from the Dock or Application folder.


To view your events, click on Events in the left-hand column of the iPhoto window.

Library Events

Each Event will have a key photo and title. Running the cursor over the event will give you a quick preview of other photos in the Event.

Event Example

To select photos for a new event, click on Photos in the left-hand column.


Locate the photos you would like to place in a new Event. Select multiple photos by holding the Command button while clicking.

Select Photos

Click on Events in the top menu bar and select Create Event…

Create Events

Your new event will appear in chronological order under the Events section. Change the Event title by clicking on it once. Type the new name and press Enter. The dates associated with photos inside the event will be displayed below.

New Event

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