Create a E-mail Address in OS X

With the development of iCloud and the slow transitioning away from Mobile Me, Apple has periodically enabled, disabled, and then reenabled new sign up for accounts, which is Apple’s exclusive email hosting service. Now that iCloud is up and running, and has been officially released, Apple is starting to allow new email addresses again. However, signing up for one is somewhat unorthodox.

Mobile Me

Apple prefers that new me email addresses are created on an actual Mac or iDevice, such as a MacBook Pro or iPad, where most email providers allow web signup for email accounts via the internet. Why is Apple requesting that new email addresses be created on an Apple device? Quite simply, to keep the email service from becoming crowded, full of spam, etc.

But also, so that email addresses remain exclusive to Apple product owners. If Apple were to have a website where people can go to get email accounts, non-Apple users, spammers, and others would sign up for the service, which would eventually taint it. By only allowing addresses for Mac and iDevice owners, Apple is actually creating a stronger email service.

So, how do you sign-up for a email account? It’s very simple, and it can be done using a Mac or iDevice, as mentioned above. Here are the according steps for each.

On a Mac:

Navigate the path Finder > Applications > System Preferences > iCloud. Once there, proceed to login using your existing Apple ID (the ID that you use for iTunes).

Mac iCloud Login

Now that you are logged in, click to check the Mail & Notes listing. Immediately upon doing so, iCloud will prompt you to create a new account, if you do not already have one linked to your Apple ID.

Create a me email address on Mac

That’s all there is to it. Now, let’s review how to create a .me account on an iDevice, such as an iPhone.

On an iDevice:

Navigate the path Settings > iCloud. Toggle the Mail option to on. That’s all there is to it. Again, if you don’t have a me account linked to your Apple ID, you will be prompted to create one.

The main benefit of email addresses are that they offer better compatibility with iCloud. Go reserve yourself a quality email now.

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