Configuring Hot Corners on your Mac

If you often find yourself using Launchpad, Mission Control or another feature often, you may want a faster way to launch these features. This is where Hot Corners comes in. When set up, Hot Corners allows you to place your cursor at a single corner of the screen. When you do this, the assigned action will occur. For example, I can choose to set the upper righthand corner of the screen to automatically launch Mission Control when it’s hovered over.

In this tutorial, we will be showing you how to configure Hot Corners on your Mac. Since the Hot Corners functionality is built into Mac OS X, no additional software is required.

Setting up Hot Corners

Lets start by launching System Preferences on your Mac. To do this, look towards the lefthand side of the Apple Toolbar and click on the Apple button (). From this drop down menu, click on the option labeled System Preferences”. This option is located halfway down the menu.

System Preferences

Look towards the top of the System Preferences window under the header labeled “Personal”. Click on the option labeled Mission Control.

Mission Control

Look towards the bottom of the bottom lefthand corner of the window. You will see an option labeled “Hot Corners…”. Click on this option. A drop down menu will now appear.

Hot Corners

You should now see a picture of a Mac’s desktop with four small triangles, each positioned at a corner of the screen. Next to these triangles are drop down menus which you can use to select the function for each corner of the screen. Once you’re finished configuring your Hot Corners, press the button labeled “OK” which is located towards the bottom righthand corner of the menu. Your Hot Corners are now activated and will be triggered when you hover your cursor over the selected corner of the screen.

Screen Shot 2012 04 29 at 8 44 31 PM

We hope we helped you make your Mac experience more enjoyable. Make sure to check back tomorrow for more Mac and iOS related tips and tricks.

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  1. Thank you thank you!!! I was looking for this… I couldn’t find any articles on the new mac, so I kept getting info about the Expose & Spaces window that I don’t have… Thank you!

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