Cleaning up Your Mac with Disk Doctor

I’m always running out of storage on my Macs because of my rapidly increasing application and media library. And while I’d love to be able to just delete files to make more room, most of my data is either vital to my daily workflow or is just something I know I’ll want to use tomorrow. There is one way, however, to can clean my drives without damaging, deleting or corrupting my files or applications. This is by using a simple application called Disk Doctor. Disk Doctor scans your hard drive for unnecessary files such as language kits and removes them safely and permanently.

Below we will show you how to use Disk Doctor to its fullest extent. Before we start this tutorial, make sure you purchase Disk Doctor from the Mac App Store.

Using Disk Doctor

To start, simply launch Disk Doctor on your Mac. Once it’s completely open, you should notice a graphic showing your available disk space and other helpful information. After you’ve examined this information, please click on the Scan button located towards the bottom righthand side of the window.


Look towards the middle of the menu where you will see six different drive cleaning options. While most of these options are pretty basic, like emptying your trash can, some are more advanced and cannot usually be done manually. These include removing language packs, application logs and even application caches. To start cleaning your drive, simply select the options you would like to clean and then press the Clean up Disk! button located towards the bottom righthand side of the window.


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