Resize Photo Attachments in Mail

When emailing lots of photos to family and friends, it can be very time consuming to upload all those large file sizes. Even resizing them individually will create duplicate files taking up space on your hard drive. Using the Mail application, you can resize photos directly inside an email message while composing. This saves time and prevents you from having to create duplicate files.

Open the Mail application by clicking its icon in the Dock or Applications Folder.

Mail Icon

Once the message viewer window opens, click on New Message in the toolbar to compose your email.

New Message

Photos can be added using the Photo Browser window, or dragging and dropping from a Finder window. Click on Photo Browser in the message toolbar.

Photo Browser

From the Photo Browser window you have access to your entire iPhoto library. Click and drag a photo from the window to the message to attach it.

Photo Browser Window II

Alternately, locate a photo using the Finder window and click and drag it to the email window.

Drag Photo

Once you’ve dragged all the photos you wish to email onto the message window, click on the Image Size menu in the bottom right-hand corner of the window.

Size Drop Down

The menu provides four options, Actual Size which leaves your photos uncompressed, Large, Medium and Small which decreases the size and lowers the memory required respectively. When emailing large numbers of photos, choose Small to Medium. If the recipient plans on printing these photos, send less photos and keep them on the Large to Actual Size setting.

Change Size

Your selection will resize all photos attached in the email.

Photo Attachment

To check how large the size of the message is with attachments, look in the lower left-hand corner of the email.

Message Size

Typically, you want to make sure the email is less than 10MB so it can be opened by most email providers.

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