Sync Windows Phone 7 with iTunes

The newest mobile operating system just released this past fall is Windows Phone 7. While many may have a bad taste in their mouth from Windows Mobile 6.5 and earlier, this new smartphone operating system from Microsoft has been totally revamped and is much more user friendly.

One of the main concerns for Mac users was whether or not the phone would be able to sync with an iTunes library. Luckily, Microsoft has actually submitted a sync application just for Mac and it’s available in the Mac app store. If you’re a Windows Phone 7 user and also use a Mac, this application is a must have.

To download the Windows Phone 7 sync client, open the Mac App Store found in the Dock or Applications folder.

Mac App Store

In the upper right-hand corner of the App Store window, type Windows Phone 7 in the search bar and press Enter.

Search WP7

This search should only bring up one result, the Windows Phone 7 Connector. Click on where it says Free under the app title and then click Install.

Install WP7

Once installed, the Windows Phone 7 Connector app can be found in the Dock. Click on its icon to open it.

Open WP7

The connector window will open and prompt you to connect your Windows Phone 7 device. Connect your device via the USB cable that was included with your phone. If done correctly, your device and its name should appear in the window.

Connect Device

Once your device is connected, the left-hand sidebar will provide you with several catagories of media to sync. Click on a specific category to choose what media you will sync.

Sync Content

Clicking on the Music tab will display a list of all your Artists, Albums and Playlists in iTunes. Just check the empty box next to each playlist and/or artist you wish to sync to your Windows Phone device.

Sync Music

Repeat this selection process for any media under the Photos, TV Shows, Movies, Podcasts, etc that you want to sync to your device. Once you’ve chosen all the songs, photos and video to transfer to your device, click the Sync button in the lower right hand corner.


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  1. I have a Lumia 800 in windowsphone 7.8.
    I can not connect to my macbookpro in OS10.6 with Windows phone 7 connector.
    In the first window appears:
    -in the left column appears well 800/Browse Lumia Device
    -in the right column the following message:
    “This device was synced with Reviews another computer, if you want to sync your media files on this Mac with this device, click Enable Sync”
    By clicking “Enable Sync”, nothing happens ..
    by clicking “Sync” at the bottom of the window displays “Starting sync” … but nothing happens …

    What to do to finally be able to enjoy the photos and other files created with my lovely Nokia ….
    Be notified when it is not compatible with the Mac!
    Yet I saw that others arrive .. So what should we do?

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