Online Radio in iTunes

Internet radio is awesome. You can listen to music, talk shows and more free of charge. But in order to listen to internet radio, you need a good source of stations as well as a radio player. Luckily for us Mac users, it’s built into our Macs, all you have to do is find it.

In this tutorial, we will be showing you how to use the Radio functionality in iTunes. While this tutorial doesn’t require any additional software, please make sure iTunes is fully updated before you start this tutorial.

Internet Radio in iTunes

To start, launch iTunes on your Mac. Once it has fully launched, look towards the lefthand side of the iTunes window. Under the Library header, you will see an option labeled Radio–please click on this option.


Now that you’re in the radio menu, look towards the center of the application. You will see different genres of music, talk shows and other types of streaming audio content that iTunes has to offer. If you would like to open a genre, double click on it. Once you’ve found a station you would like to listen to, simply double click on it to start the stream.

Start Stream

If you would like to manage your internet radio stations quickly, create a new playlist and drag your favorite radio stations into it. You can now play your radio stations just like you would any other song.

As of now, you cannot sync your iTunes radio stations to an iOS device. We hope to see this added to a future iteration of iOS.

Thanks for reading this Switching To Mac article! We hope you enjoy listening to new content on the web. As always, come back soon for more Mac and iOS related content.

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  1. I can’t believe I didn’t knoow about this before. I’ve read several of your articles and appreciate your work.


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