PhotoStream Not Showing Up in iPhoto 11?

Some people I know have been complaining that they are not able to see the option for the new PhotoStream feature in iPhoto 11. Once you turn on and setup PhotoStream on your iPhone, iPad, Apple TV or Mac, you will magically see any picture you take on one device show up on the other devices! It’s pretty neat once you get it working properly.

To figure it all out, first head over to System Preferences and click on iCloud.

photostream not working

Now you will see a list of programs that work with iCloud to back up and sync your files, contacts, mail, calendars, photos, etc. You should see an option for PhotoStream. Make sure that is checked. If it’s greyed out or disabled for some reason, keep reading.

photostream iphoto 11

Now if the option for PhotoStream is greyed out in iCloud, then you have to check a few other things. First off, make sure you launch the AppStore program and download the latest updates to iPhoto 11. By default, iPhoto 11 does not support PhotoStream. And downloading the latest version of OS X Lion will not update iPhoto. You have to manually go to the AppStore and click on Updates and then install the latest version of iPhoto.

iphoto photostream issue

Now if you already downloaded the latest version of iPhoto, you need to make sure that PhotoStream is enabled. You can do this by going to Preferences under the iPhoto menu and clicking on PhotoStream.

enable photostream

Make sure that Enable Photo Stream is checked and that you also have Automatic Import and Automatic Upload checked. Now to add a photo from iPhoto to your PhotoStream, just select the photo and then go up to the Share menu and click on PhotoStream.

iphoto upload to photostream

Once you have done that, make sure to go back to the iCloud option in System Preferences and check the box for PhotoStream. After that you should be good to go.

That’s pretty much it! You need to make sure you downloaded all the updates to Lion, all updates from the Mac AppStore, then enable PhotoStream in iPhoto and then make sure to go to iCloud in System Preferences and check it off there so that it uploads the photos. If you’re still having issues, post a comment here and I’ll try to help! Enjoy!

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  1. All the settings were correct as you describe them, but Photostreaming is still greyed out on my iMac. I had the same problem on my MacBook Pro, but that seems to have sorted itself out – eventually Photostream in sharing in iPhoto "un-greyed" and I was able to access it. Not so the iMac. I am really unimpressed so far with iCloud. It clearly hasn't been properly tested and de-bugged. Apple used to be good at this stuff, but is depressingly like Microsoft these days, releasing software before it is complete and leaving Users to de-bug it. Not good enough Apple!!!

  2. I have all the updates and still I do not see the icloud option in my system preferences on my mac. On my Iphone and Ipad it is already working, but not on my mac. I do not know what I did wrong? Please can you help me?

  3. Did everything, double checked all upgrades. Photo is in photo stream on mac, but does not show up in photostream on ipad and vice versa. I dont know what i am doing wrong….HELP!

  4. i have lion and have everything on by when i take a picture nothing come up in iPhoto. I just get the stupid start page telling me how to add to photo stream.

  5. On my iMac i have OSX 10.72 and iPhoto 9.2.1 (628) and have all the right ticks for iCloud and iPhoto preferences, but neither the photos I dragged to Photostream or those imported from camera are showing up in Photostream (and iCloud still has 5 GB). Top right hand corner of Photostream page says " Uploading 646 photos". But nothing appears to be happening for the last 6 hours. Any ideas what to do next?

  6. So users have to *BUY* iPhoto'11 in order to get the Photostream working on Lion?? Just because of this functionality I bought OSX Lion and now I have to spend another $20 for an app that I don't even want?

    Unbelievable Apple!!

  7. I’ve done all of the above, but my photos just won’t import. I took a new one half an hour ago and it didn’t get imported either.

  8. My photos from my iPhone are not showing up in iPhoto (even after the update was installed). Funny thing is that some of the photos were transmitted but not the other few. Any idea why? I double checked everything as you said above. Thanks!

  9. PERFECT !
    DJ says:
    January 17, 2012 at 10:20 am
    So users have to *BUY* iPhoto’11 in order to get the Photostream working on Lion?? Just because of this functionality I bought OSX Lion and now I have to spend another $20 for an app that I don’t even want?

    Unbelievable Apple!!

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