Reset the iPhone Keyboard Dictionary

As you type on your iPhone or other iOS device, the iPhone’s autocorrect feature will try and correct any words you have misspelled. This feature makes typing on the iPhone quick and easy, but there are times when you need to type something that’s not in the iPhone dictionary.

An abbreviation, such as “SEU” or a person’s name will probably be changed to another word if you just continue typing. When you type a word that the iPhone does not recognize, it shows the suggested word in a bubble.

Misspelled Word.PNG

If you press the spacebar after typing a misspelled word, the iPhone will automatically change it to the suggested word. Tapping on the suggested word adds the misspelled or abbreviated word to the iPhone dictionary. This way, the next time you type that abbreviation or name, the iPhone won’t try and correct it.

Again, this is a useful feature, unless you’ve accidentally tapped a word you didn’t mean to and it’s now in your iPhone dictionary. In order to clear the dictionary of any incorrect words you didn’t intend on keeping, tap on the Settings icon on your home screen.


Choose the General tab in the Settings window.


Scroll to the bottom of these settings and select Reset.


From this menu, select Reset Keyboard Dictionary.

Reset Keyboard Settings.PNG

A window will pop up asking you to confirm resetting the dictionary. This will erase all of the saved words or abbreviations and return the dictionary to factory setting. Tap Reset Dictionary.

Reset Dictionary

The keyboard dictionary is now returned to factory default and any words you have saved are deleted.

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  1. Wow! Explained so neatly and the added pictorial guide was beneficial. This was just what I was in search of and in thankful for your time in bringing me clarity!

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