Remember Where You Parked Using an iPhone App

At some point, everyone has probably forgot where they parked their car. Usually when this happens, you either go on an unexpected walk and maze through the parking lot until you find your vehicle, or if you have a remote keyless entry, you consistently push the lock/unlock button to sound the horn, and follow the sound trail to your car. If you have an iPhone, you can download some apps that are specifically designed to keep track of where you park your vehicle.

The App Store has several find my car apps that are produced by various different software companies and developers. The apps range in price from free to 5.00, but like most iPhone Apps, the paid apps are usually a bit better. Here are 3 of the top rated find my car apps for the iPhone:

Honk – Find Car/Parking Meter

Honk – Find Car Parking Meter is one of the highest rated remember where you parked apps in the App Store, and it only costs a buck. Aside from basic GPS marking of your parked vehicle, the Honked app also includes several unique features, one of them being a parking meter timer that reproduces a digital version of a parking meter on your iPhone. Essentially though, this feature is just a timer with a ┬ánicely designed outer wrapping. Still, it’s a great feature to have for those who work in downtown areas, or those who get frequent parking tickets.

Honked App


GEOflare – The Ultimate GPS App for Finding Your Car…

GEOflare is self described as The Ultimate GPS App for finding your car, tracking routes for outdoor activities and exercises, saving and sharing locations with great map features. Basically, the same GPS technology that allows your iPhone to remember where you parked your car, could obviously be used to keep track of other positions and locations too.

GEOflare has not only marketed their $0.99 parking app cleverly, but also implemented a nice UI, all of which combines to make an app that simply works. The GEOflare app is another of the parking apps that has received outstanding App Store reviews, in a category where not every app is of good quality.

GEOflare APp


Find my car -5 in 1

Find my car -5 in 1 is essentially just another parking app, but as it’s name implies, it has some other features also. The 5 features are: Alarm Clock, Location, Notes, Agenda, and even a Flash Light. Now, that mixed combination of different function apps is a bit, well, different. However, Find my car -5 in 1 is marketed as of course a car finder, but also an app for business men and women.

Aside from the standard find my car function that one would mainly purchase this app for, the other features are good implementations too. The ratings serve their own justice with this app, which has received over 150 positive App Store reviews. The $0.99 price tag doesn’t hurt either.

Find my car  5 in 1

There are of course, several more car finder apps available in the App Store. However, the three mentioned in this article are the highest rated, and overall best deals out there. Now, iPhone users can remember where they parked, monitor outdoor activities, and even keep track of the time left on parking meters. Does anyone know of any better apps than the ones mentioned in today’s post? If so, feel free to leave a comment.

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