How to Change Apple ID on iPhone

So here’s a quick tutorial that I think should help some people. Someone was asking me how to change their Apple ID on their iPhone the other day and since I didn’t know off hand, the person ended up asking some other folks and erased her entire phone and started from scratch because someone said that was the only way!

Please do not do that! It’s a little confusing as to how you should go about changing your Apple ID in order to make purchases from iTunes, but it certainly does not require a reset/restore or anything like that. Here’s how to do it.

First go to Settings and tap on Store.

change apple id

Now scroll down to the bottom and you’ll see your Apple ID listed.

apple id iphone

Now just tap on the Apple ID and you’ll get a pop up box with a few options like shown below:

apple id options

You can click Sign Out and this will allow you to change to a different Apple ID. It’s as simple as that! No need to do anything else. Now you can go to iTunes or the App Store and make purchases with a different Apple ID. Enjoy!

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