Gadget Review: iLid is the World’s Thinnest iPhone Wallet

There are several ways that iPhone accessory manufacturers have been able to extend the capabilities of the iPhone. One unique concept is an iPhone case that doubles as a wallet. Now, the term “iPhone wallet” may give many consumers the feeling that it’s a stupid idea, because if you have a wallet attached to an iPhone, it would make the phone stupid looking, cumbersome, and more bulky, resulting in an iPhone that is more difficult to talk on.

The world’s thinnest iPhone concept is a bit different, as it is designed to be a minimal case for the iPhone, but also double as a wallet and iPhone stand. Here are a few photos of the latest design:


ILid 2

ILid 3

ILid 4

As you can tell from the above photos, the iLid is essentially just a case for the iPhone, but one that has a lid, money clip, and even a key holder. There is a camera cut out also, so taking pictures and videos should still work fine. For people who don’t like carrying several items around in their pockets, the iLid may be a great item to own. Aside from the wallet feature, the iLid also can serve as a stand for your iPhone.

ILid 5

One may expect a case like this to be marketed by a company like CaseMate or OtterBox. However, this case/stand/wallet concept actually originates as a KickStarter project. Essentially, that means that this concept may never reach the light of day, unless it gets a certain number of backers, pledges, or donations. Here are the pledge levels:

ILid Pledge

ILid Pledge 2

Although not very complex, the iLid is a concept that takes a simple idea, and seems to execute it properly. If this is an iPhone accessory that you are interested in, you may want to consider pledging, which is pretty much a purchase. The iLid just goes to show that even a few developers can create and market a quality iPhone accessory. The iLid is available in both black and white colors, to match your iPhone.

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