Enable Push Gmail, Contacts and Calendars on iPhone

Gmail is one of the most popular email and cloud services on the web. The iPhone natively supports Gmail syncing that includes email, contacts and calendars. While supported, the Gmail account will only be synced on a schedule, i.e. every 30min, 60min, or more. In order to enable Push functionality, such as a MobileMe account, you will need to add your Gmail address as a Microsoft Exchange account.

Before starting, make sure you have a valid Gmail account with your Username and Password. On your iPhone tap the Settings app. In the Settings menu, tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

iPhone Settings

The new screen will list the current email addresses associated with the iPhone. If you already have a Google account registered on the phone, tap the account and select Delete Account. When ready, select Add Account…

Mail Contacts Calendars

You will be presented with a list of email service providers. Tap Microsoft Exchange at the top of the list.

Microsoft Exchange

Enter your Gmail address in both the Email and Username fields. Leave the Domain field blank. Enter your password and type in a description for this account, such as My Google Account. Hit next.

Exchange Info

After hitting Next, a Server field will appear. For this field, enter m.google.com and tap Next.

Exchange Server

The option is now given to sync your Contacts, Calendar or Mail via Exchange. Slide the tab to the On position in order to begin pushing your content.

Sync Mail Contacts Cal

If you already have a MobileMe account, the Contacts and Calendars will be synced and placed into an additional folder in the Contacts and Calendar app. Setting up an Exchange Account on iPhone will actually drain the battery quicker than with the usual email account fetching. Any changes made on either the desktop, web or phone, they will be synced automatically.

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  1. I think it's rather expensive to always switch on your mail connection!

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