Demo Windows Phone UI on Your iPhone

You can run windows on a Mac using Bootcamp, VMware, Parallels, or other software. So, can you run Windows Phone on an iPhone. Yes, but it’s much simpler and not quite the same process. In today’s post, we will quickly review how to get a Windows 7 demo on an iPhone.

To get started, launch the Safari web browser on your iPhone by tapping the Safari icon. Next, jump to this webpage:

Windows Phone Demo

Note: The demo will not work in standard web browsers. Only Safari on the iPhone, or Android based browsers will support the Windows phone demo.

On the first screen, simply tap to click the Start demo button. Upon doing so, you will immediately be brought to the Windows Phone demo:

Windows Phone UI

The Windows phone demo is actually quite responsive, for being deployed from a website, rather than a native install. Of course, this demo is very simple and doesn’t allow for anything complex like contacts and apps.

The HTML 5 based Windows Phone demo site is made available to Safari and Android web browsers for one main purpose, Microsoft is using it as a marketing plot to actually sway existing iPhone and Android users to switch to Windows Phone. After all, Windows Phone arrived a bit late on the scene, and is in a way, entering a world that is already dominated by the iPhone and Android.

What is your opinion of the Windows Phone UI? Will Windows phones start selling better, and be able to compete in a market with iOS and Android?

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