Apple Exclusive Apps for iPod, iPhone and iPad

If you’ve made the switch to Mac, or even the switch to Apple (meaning you own multiple Apple devices), you may want to consider some of the readily available apps in the AppStore that are developed and created directly by Apple. Many of these Apps can help to make your experience with one or several Apple products more seamless. For example, did you know that you can control your AirPort Extreme directly from your iPhone?

IPhone App Store

Devices like the iPhone, iPad and iPod come with several Apple brand apps included. Things like a Reminders, Maps, Photos and Mail app come installed, but Apple offers several additional apps that they don’t choose to bundle with their devices out of the box. Launch the App Store from your iDevice, perform a search using the term “apple.” From here, the search results should be listed with mostly apps that were developed directly by Apple.

You can scroll through the list and download any official Apple apps that you’d like, but some of the more unknown choices that you may be interested in are:


Apple Remote

This Apple app allows you to use your iPhone, iPod or iPad as a remote for your Mac. Mainly used for iTunes, the Remote app makes for a simple way to control your Mac from a distance, but did you know that it can also be used to control Apple TV?

Airport Utility

Airport Utility iPhone

As mentioned in the opening paragraph, Apple does supply an app that allows you to control an Airport base station or Time Capsule directly from an iPhone, iPad or iPod. However, they don’t install the app to iDevices by default. You can download Apple’s own Airport Utility app for this function.


Screen Shot 2012 06 16 at 10 55 55 PM

Did you know that Apple has a greeting card service that allows you to mail greetings to other iPhones, iPods and iPads. The Apple Cards app allows you to customize personalized greetings quickly and easily. Want to send someone a unique birthday message, rather than just a text with happy birthday? If they have an iDevice, you can create a customized greeting card using this app.

Those are just a few of Apple’s own AppStore offerings, but as mentioned above, performing a search for Apple apps will present you with several other Apple exclusives also. Some other notable Apple apps are:

– iBooks

– Pages

– Garage Band

– iMovie

– Numbers

– Keynote

– iPhoto

– iTunes U

– Find My Friends

– iTunes Movie Trailers

– Keynote Remote

– MobileMe iDisk

– MobileMe Gallery

– iAd Gallery

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