Play Flash Video on iPad without Jailbreaking

Since the creation of the first iPhone, Apple has blocked the ability to view Flash content through its web browser. That has also carried over to the iPad, which many have argued needs to display Flash video and content since it is more, “computer-like” than “phone-like.”

While jailbreaking an iOS device will allow you to run flash, many are unsure of the process and don’t want to risk the stability of their devices just to run Flash (jailbreaking is not sanctioned by Apple and can also be referred to as “hacking”).

Fortunately, there is now a way to view Flash video content on your iPad without jailbreaking. While this will not allow you to interact with Flash content, such as an entire website made from Flash, it allows you to view embedded video from services such as Blip.TV and Facebook.

On your iPad, tap on the Safari icon.

Open Safari

Enter the following address in the address bar and press Enter:

Go To Address

Once the page has loaded, tap on the Action icon next to the address bar and select Add Bookmark.

Add Bookmark

Name the new bookmark, iOSFlashVideo and save it to your Bookmark Toolbar. Tap Save.

Name and Save Bookmark

Tap on the bookmark icon next to the address bar to view the bookmark you’ve just created.

Bookmark Icon

Press the Edit button in the bookmarks viewer. Tap on the iOSFlashVideo bookmark.

Edit Bookmark

In the Edit Bookmark window, tap on the web address to bring up the keyboard. Move the cursor by dragging your finger along the address. Place the cursor right before the word javascript. Hold the Delete key and delete everything before javascript. Tap on the back arrow, shown as Apple below, to save your changes.

Delete Text

Now visit a webpage containing Flash video content, such as a Facebook profile. The video will only be displayed as blank white space.

Flash Demo Page

While on the page, tap the iOSFlashVideo bookmark you’ve created.

Open Bookmark

The page will reload, and the empty space will now display as a link to the video content. Click on the link to load the video.

Video Available

Comments [6]

  1. Ok, I followed all the instructions, but it doesn't seem to be working with any sites I go to with Flash…

  2. Please provide me details how to play flash games on ipad

  3. Doesn't work at all. Ashamed for apple. Guess I'll have to get an android which can do everything the iPad can and play flash out of the box. R.I.P. Steve Jobs.

  4. it really does work wow worked on my ipad 2 thanks alot.

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