Facetime for iPad 2

One of the most differentiating features of the iPad 2 over the first generation model is the addition of two cameras. There is an HD 720p camera on the rear of the device as well as a VGA front facing camera for video chatting and self portraits on the front. These cameras are specifically made for video but can take still images as well. Images from the rear camera are taken at a maximum resolution of 960×720 (equal to the HD video resolution).

To start using Facetime for video chat, open the Settings app from the iPad home screen.

1 Settings

Tap on the Facetime icon in the left-hand column.

2 Facetime

Switch the Facetime slider to the ON position. You will be prompted to sign in with your Apple ID. Enter your password and tap Sign In.

3 Activate Facetime

Once you’ve signed in, select the Facetime app from the iPad home screen.

4 Open Facetime

Once open, the Facetime app will automatically activate the front-facing camera and your picture will appear in the window. On the right-hand side of the app is the navigation window. Here you can view your most Recent Facetime calls, All Calls, Missed Calls or clear the list.

5 Recent Calls

To initiate a call, use the buttons at the bottom of this window to find a contact. Tap on Contacts to view all the people from your Address Book and select a person to call. You can also set certain contacts as Favorites for a “speed-dial” like video chat.

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  1. The FaceTime icon does not appear on my settings page?

  2. Thanks. Great tutorial with detailed instructions and screen shots!

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