Can’t Log Into YouTube App on iPad or iPhone?

So here’s a really annoying problem I had today: my daughter loves watching airplane videos on YouTube and I have a couple of them saved to my Favorites. I usually show it to her on my computer, but today I wanted to use the iPad. I went to log into the app using my Google email and password (the same as I use to log into the website) and kept getting the following error:

Authentication Failed – The username or password you entered is incorrect.

youtube ipad

Uhh, no it’s not! I thought maybe I typed it in wrong, so I typed it in 5 more times! Then I thought maybe since it’s asking for username, I should not type in the entire email address, so I was just typing in the first part and the password. That didn’t work either.

Then I remember that YouTube has some other strange user name for my account in addition to the email address, so I logged in and found that.

account name youtube

Ahh, I thought I had figured it out! So I used the YouTube username and my Google password and guess what? It didn’t work!!! Grrrr, now I was really getting annoyed. There was nothing left for me to try. I started doing some searching online and read something about my Google account being linked to my YouTube account. That got me thinking and I realized that I had 2-step verification set on my Google account and that was probably what was causing the login issues.

Note: If you have not linked your Google account with your YouTube account, then you’ll only see your YouTube username in the image above and that means you should only use that to login. Don’t try using your Google account info. 

I went to, clicked on my picture at the top right, click on Account, clicking on Security and then clicking on Edit next to 2-step verification.

two step

Then click on Manage application-specific passwords.

application passwords

Now go ahead and generate a new application specific password for your iPad or iPhone:

create password

Now use this new password to login and you should be good to go! So you’re probably asking what you are supposed to do if you don’t have two step verification setup and you’re still having this issue? In that case, you might have to try some other stuff listed below.

Method 1 – Create a Channel

Some people mentioned having this problem and creating their own channel on YouTube somehow fixed it. At first, I didn’t understand why this would matter, but now I have figure it out. If you see your email address as your primary account login for YouTube, then you need to create a separate username for just YouTube, which you will also use to login via a mobile device. So click on your name at the top and then click My Channel.

my channel

If you have not already setup a channel, it’ll ask you to create a YouTube username.

youtube username

That’s it! Now go to your iPad app and try to login using the username you just created. For the password, you’ll still use the password for your email account that is currently being used to login into YouTube. It’s a very odd procedure and something that no one would figure out intuitively. You would think Google would make this a little easier since so many people use YouTube on mobile devices.

So to sum up, if you have 2-step verification on, you need to create an application specific password. If you log into YouTube right now with your email address and don’t have 2-step on, then you need to create a channel so that it will create a new YouTube username.

If you’re still having problems logging into YouTube from your iPad or iPhone, post a comment here with your details and I’ll try to help! Enjoy!


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    1. I think I’ve lost mind. I just got this Android touch screen Dec. 1 after 5 bad Walmart phones plus ordering ANOTHER new one from the company. So, I am mobile web. It’s been a year with no phone or web. Google is my browser at the top. ALL I WANT TO DO IS WATCH A PHIL COLLINS MUSIC VIDEO! The videos are coming up through youtube. I am supposed to be automatically signed in to youtube through Google. My brain is EXHAUSTED! Please tell me HOW to get a music video to play, not one video will play, none, I’m so tired, I bet I’ve tried EASY LOVER at least 100 times this week. HELP! Uughgh!

  1. THANK YOU!!!!

    I cannot tell you how long I’ve tried to login to YouTube on my iPhone and iPad. Creating a channel (not username, just a channel) is what did it. Application specific passwords failed, but this did it. Thank you!!!

  2. I have done everything you explained yet it still says authentication verification failed , incorrect login or password.

  3. Hi so I had the same problem as you to start with, but after reading things on the internet I realised I had to get this App Password, I got the app password, went to input it with my gmail email and…it still says authentication incorrect..and thats with the app password, Ive tried entering it multiple times incase I’m typing it wrong, but I cant seem to get it to work :S Please Help

  4. I had 2 step verification set to off, I already had a youtube channel set up, and I tried logging into the app with the channel name. Still didn’t work.

  5. Have you tried this approach recently? I tried it and I don’t see anything about the two step process. I recently was forced to link my youtube account to Google plus because of a change with posting private videos and invites to those videos. My Ipad app no longer connects to my youtube account and trying to find a solution.

  6. The only way for it to work that I can tell is to disconnect the google plus and the youtube account. Its not an option for me because doing so also wipes out any of the email connections to private videos.

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