Best iPad 3/The New iPad Cases

Just got a new shiny iPad 3? You’ve probably already read a bunch of best iPad cases posts, but I’ve been waiting to write mine just so that I could see which ones people really liked and which ones ended up being duds. After researching a bunch of cases, I’ve come up with a list that lots of people seem to like on forums, blogs, etc.

If something new comes out, I’ll try to keep this post up-to-date. Feel free to post a comment too with your choice for the best case for the new iPad/iPad 3.



The Zaggfolio is combo case, keyboard and stand which a lot of people like. This is probably more useful for someone who travels a lot as it can replace your laptop if all you need to do is browse the Internet, write emails and watch movies/play games. It’s fairly sleek for having a whole keyboard included, but it’ll set you back $99. If you’re a home user and don’t really type too much on your iPad, then this type of case will be overkill. It does, however, protect the front and back completely, so good drop protection.

POP! Case with Stand

pop stand

CaseMate has a neat little stand that props up your iPad nicely for watching movies or even playing games. It’s a cool white color and it’s very sleek. It’s still a little pricey at $50, but it’s got a bit of a cool factor. It does not protect the front of the device, though, so that’s a big deal breaker for a lot of people. On the website it says that it protects the screen because it has some rubber that comes around the display and so even if you lay it flat on a table, the screen won’t actually touch the surface. But if you want real drop protection, this won’t help much.

Bear Motion

bear motion

The Bear Motion stand is quite popular because of it’s practical design. It’s not super sleek looking or anything like that, but it’s made from genuine leather and it has a built in stand. This case also protects the back and the front very well. So if you drop it, there is a good chance your iPad will survive without any damage. It’s also only $29, which is cheaper than most other iPad cases.

Kensington KeyStand


This is similar to the ZAGGfolio, except that it’s $20 cheaper. It’s also quite sleek and works in both portrait and landscape mode. You can use it as a stand, which is nice and it also protects the front and the back of the iPad quite well. It’s $79, but has to be pre-ordered as it has not been released yet.

ifrogz Summit Case

summit case

The ifrogz Summit case is $60, but has some nice features. It has a snap-in core feature that gives you maximum protection in case of a drop. You can take out the core when you’re using the iPad normally and it’s very sleek. It also has a stylus loop for those who use a stylus with their iPads and it includes a business card holder. The best feature, however, is the smart technology cover, which will put your iPad to sleep and wake it up automatically when you close and open the cover. Lastly, the case can be used as a stand too.

iLuv OrigamiFolio

origami folio

If you’re looking to impress your friends, then the OrigamiFolio by iLuv is just plain cool. You can fold the cover in 5 different ways to get different viewing angles for you iPad. The cover also works with the Sleep and Wake functions of the iPad and will automatically put your iPad to sleep and wake it up when you close and open the cover. It offers back and front protection, but is a bit pricey with a $90 price tag.

Xdoria SmartStyle

xdoria smartstyle

Overall, it’s pretty similar to other cases mentioned above with the major difference being the style of the case. It’s made from some polycarbonate material and will set you back $60. It’s sleek and can act as a stand and the cover will auto-wake and auto-sleep your new iPad. It protects the front and the back very well and overall is good case for the money if you like the design.

Candy Convertible

candy convertible

The Candy Convertible is a sleek looking case that’s a bit cheaper than some of the other folio cases at around $45. It doesn’t mention on the website that the cover works with the sleep and wake function of the iPad, so that could be a deal breaker for many. I’m sure if it did, they would have listed it on the website. Maybe that’s why it’s also cheaper. If you don’t care about that, then this is a nice face made from faux-nubuck material.

iSkin Solo Smart

solo smart

The Solo Smart is a cool case that lets you continue to use your iPad 2 Smart Cover with the new iPad. Basically, it includes some magnetic hinges that will latch on to your smart cover and make sure it doesn’t come off unless you pull really hard. And since you can use the smart cover with this case, you keep the benefit of auto sleep and auto wake. It’s also made from some flexi-type polymer material that has a very good grip. It’s only sale right now for $40, but will revert back to $50 soon.

CrazyOnDigital Leather Case

ipad 3 case

The CrazyOnDigital Case is for those looking for the most bang out of their buck. This bad boy is only $14 and it protects the front/back, acts as a stand, auto sleeps/wakes the iPad and has a screen protector also. Not bad for that price. It’s not the sleekest looking thing in the world, but a lot of people don’t care about that, they want something that really works.

Snugg iPad 3 Case


Another good iPad 3 case that’s not too expensive ($30) is the Snugg. It’s a little like the CrazyOnDigital case, but has a few extra features like a stylus loop, a hand strap and premium nubuck fiber interior. It also acts as a stand, protects the front and back very well and auto-wakes and auto-sleeps the iPad.

There are, of course, a ton of other cases for the new iPad, so feel free to post your comments if you like something better! Enjoy!

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