Private Browsing – iOS 5

While iOS 5 brought a lot of major features such as iCloud, an enhanced mail app and iMessaging, it also brought a plethora of minor tweaks such as private browsing in mobile Safari. While this may seem like a small feature to some, it’s extremely useful for security freaks and people who share iOS devices.

In this tutorial, we will be showing you how to enable private browsing on your iOS device. While this may seem like a simple feat, it’s annoyingly buried within a few menus inside the Settings application.

Enabling Private Browsing

To start, launch the Settings app on your iOS device. After the app has completely opened, scroll down until you see an option labeled Safari. Tap on this option.


Look towards the center of your center of the screen, where you will see a header labeled “Privacy”. Directly under this option is an option labeled “Private Browsing”. Enable this option by sliding the switch into the on position. Once you’ve enabled this setting, you will be receive a notification asking you if you’d like to close all currently¬†open tabs.

Private Browsing

Now that you’ve enabled private browsing, open Safari. You will notice that the color scheme has changed from its normal blue color to a dark theme. Currently, there is no way to change this.

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