iOS 6 Rumors and Predictions Roundup

It seems with Apple that all everyone ever does is create rumors and make predictions! With all the secrecy that goes on at Apple to keep products and services under wraps, it’s no wonder the rumor mill runs 24/7. So we’re joining in on the fun too here at Switching to Mac.

Apple’s WorldWide Developer Conference in June is going to tell us the “future of iOS and OS X”, so it would be pretty lame if that didn’t include iOS 6. We’re going to compile all the various news we’ve been hearing about iOS 6 in this post, so read on!

Google Maps Getting Ditched

google maps

One of the biggest rumors out right now is that Apple will replace Google Maps with their own in-house mapping app. They have acquired 3 mapping-related companies in the last couple of years and “reliable sources” from blogs like 9to5mac insist that a better and cooler mapping technology will be used. Their acquisition of a 3D mapping company is the most exciting as you’ll be able to navigate maps in 3D. Whether they can accomplish all of this by June is the real question though.

Siri on iPad

siri ipad

Wouldn’t Siri on the iPad be awesome!? Yes, but the new iPad only get voice dictation! Why? Well, according to the experts, Siri is taking longer to bring to the iPad because of the UI aspect. With the bigger screen real estate, the look and feel of Siri on the iPad will have to be different.

Multiple User Accounts for iPad?

ipad accounts

Yes, I have an iPad and no I cannot afford more than 1. Why would I need more than one? Well because it would be nice when my wife is using it to have her own set of apps, email, calendar, notes, etc and for me to have my own. And what about guests? It’s ridiculous how often other people use my iPad and I really don’t want them opening some of my apps or being able to pop up my email without any issues. User accounts on the iPad would be awesome! This is an up-in-the-air possible feature of iOS, so keep your fingers crossed.

Facebook Integration


This one we’ve been hearing for a long time now, but it still hasn’t made it into iOS yet. Twitter is now fully baked into iOS, but the bigger and more utilized Facbeook is still missing. A few folks are still banking that Apple will integrate Facebook so you can quickly share photos, videos, and update your status without having to open the app.

Face Recognition

This rumor has been popping up because Apple has filed for some patents related to facial recognition in 3D. Knowing how Apple takes their time to release new features, I highly doubt this will be coming in iOS 6 considering they just filed the patents for it. However, it’s cool to know that in the near future, you may be able to unlock your iPhone or iPad by just looking at it!

Turn by Turn Navigation

Along with the new mapping app, there are rumors that iOS 6 will finally bring turn-by-turn navigation, something Android has had forever. It’s something that has been painfully missing from Apple products that really should be addressed since it doesn’t seem all that complicated.


Even though the chances are minute, the ability to multitask with more than one app at the same time is a possibility. Right now, you can keep more than one app open, but you have to switch between them and can’t view more than one at the same time. This would be a significant change for Apple and probably not something they would do this soon.

Other than that, there are some other crazy rumors that really don’t even make sense and probably won’t happen anytime soon. What are your most desired features for iOS6? What do you think will actually make it into the final version? Post your comments!

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