Create A Custom Joke Siri Conversation

The Siri voice feature that was first introduced with the iPhone 4S has become the most hyped new feature to reach the iOS platform. Although Siri is much like the voice command and response automation software that we’ve had for the last decade, it’s also unique in it’s own Apple way.

Siri is for the most part smart enough to recognize many voice commands, but if you want to have an advanced conversation with Siri, you may have to use a different Siri.

With, you can create your own custom joke/prank Siri conversation. Here’s how the process works. To get started, jump to the iFakeSiri website. You may notice at first that it’s very minimal and simple to use.


Select a carrier: AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint, and then simply enter a conversation using the following text format:

Me: your text here.

Siri: Siri response here.

Me: etc…

Note: The only thing choosing a carrier does is format the top iOS bar with the specific carrier.

Once you have entered a conversation, click the Create Your Siri Conversation button.

SwitchingToMac + Siri

That’s all there is to it. Now you can create your own Siri prank conversations. Once you click the Create Your Siri Conversation button, you are brought to the conversation screen, which also provides a direct link to the conversation webpage. Here’s the example from this tutorial:” title=”Created by”>

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