Configuring Siri Settings

Ever since I bought my iPhone 4S, I’ve been amazed at how awesome Siri is. Siri is a personal voice assistant which you can use to manage your phone, send emails and text messages, and perform a number of other functions.

In this tutorial, we will be showing you how to configure Siri on your iPhone. Keep in mind that in order to use Siri you must be using an iPhone 4S. As of now, Siri is not officially available on earlier versions of the iPhone.

Configuring Siri

To start, launch the Settings app on your iPhone. Once it has completely launched, scroll down until you see an option labeled General. Tap on this option and look towards the center of the screen. You will see an option labeled Siri. Please tap on this option.


First off, make sure Siri is enabled by looking towards the top of the screen and checking that the switch next to the option labeled Siri is in the “on” position. After this, look towards the center of the screen. You can change Siri’s language, activate voice feedback and edit and choose your information. When choosing your info, make sure that your name is in the My Info box. If it isn’t, click on the existing name and select your contact from your address book.

Siri Settings

Personally, my favorite way to customize Siri is to enable “Raise to Speak”. When enabled, this option allows you to raise your phone to your face to activate Siri, completely bypassing the home button. The only downside? When Raise To Speak is enabled, battery life is usually quickly lost.

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