How to Install iWork ’09 on Leopard

Apple recently launched a new version of their office suite, iWork ’09. iWork consists of Keynote, arguably the best tool for creating presentations, Numbers, a spreadsheet application, and Pages, a word processor. There’s a whole lot of information about these products at the iWork page on Apple’s iWork website.

Before we get to the installation of iWork we need to make sure that the latest updates to Leopard have been installed on your Mac. This update is a prerequisite for iWork ’09. To install the update click on the Apple logo at the top left corner of your screen and select Software Update. Install the latest updates if the Software Updater shows you any. You will need to restart the machine after this is done, depending on the updates.

After the restart you should be ready to install iWork ’09. You can either buy the software or download the trial version. If you are going with the second option head to the iWork website and download the free trial version.

After the download completes it should mount automatically in your Finder. In case it does not double click on the file to mount it. Once mounted go to the iWork ’09 installation folder and double click on the iWork09Trial.mpkg file to begin the installation.

The installer will check if all the dependencies have been met correctly. If you did not install the MacOS Leopard updates, your installation will complain about it and exit here. Otherwise, you’ll be asked to accept the license agreement and then instruct the installer where to install iWork ’09. Then the installation will begin. This can take some time depending upon the speed of your machine.

Once the installation completes you will get a message as depicted in the image below telling you that your installation was completed successfully. Click Close to complete the installation.

iWork ’09 is now installed on your machine. Go to your Applications folder in Finder and you will a new directory called iWork ’09. Inside you will see the three iWork applications – Pages, Numbers, and Keynote.

Launch any of the applications. You will be greeted by a screen similar to the one below asking you if you want to buy iWork ’09 or you want to try the 30-day demo. Pick an option by clicking on it.

For users who are new to iWork there’s a lot of fun in store for you, and for users upgrading from a previous version of iWork there are some very cool new features. Some features that I liked were the improvement in the the transition between slides in Keynote, the improved support for MS Office documents, and I want to try out the new support which is still in beta. There are some useful tutorials on Apple’s website to help you get started with using iWork.

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  1. Purchased The Mac Box Set today. Install Leopard now trying to install Iworks unable to read the dictionary of the application etc. and Ilife is the same?

  2. Ok, I tried it and I don't want to buy it…..

    So, how do I UN-INSTALL it now?




  3. If you go for the 30 days trial version you will have problem to install iwork from the box,

    need to get rid of the trial version first, anybody know how to do that??

    Thank you in advance


  4. I bought IWork family pack already installed on my new IMac, so I don't have a hard copy. Two weeks ago, I bought a MacBook Pro for my son attending university in another city. How is he supposed to install IWork since I don't have it on disk and I don't have a serial number neither ?

  5. To uninstall you must drag the app to the trash and then empty it. Restart your computer and you should be golden.

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