OS X Lion iCal Not Syncing to iCloud?

So I ran into an interesting problem when I first upgraded to Lion and set up my iCloud account. I merrily updated my iPad 2 and iPhone to iOS 5 and started creating appointments in iCal and in the Calendar apps on the two devices. Unfortunately, iCloud was not working the way I thought it would. None of the appointments I created on the iPad 2 or iPhone were showing up in iCal on my Mac.

I checked the iCloud settings in System Preferences and everything seemed to be ok. I made sure that Calendars was checked and I assumed that’s all you had to do!

icloud calendar

Apparently not! After a lot of messing around with settings, etc, I finally figured out what I was doing wrong. I was using iCal with plain and vanilla settings meaning I didn’t add any Gmail calendars, etc. In order for iCal to sync your appointments with iCloud, you first have to add the iCloud calendar to iCal. So how do you do this? It’s easy!

First, open iCal and click on and go to Preferences.

ical preferences

Now click the + sign at the bottom to add a new account.

add new account ical

For Account Type, choose iCloud instead of the default Automatic. Go ahead and type in your apple ID and password also.

icloud calendar

That’s it! Now iCal will find your iCloud calendar and load that up. When you create a new appointment, it will automatically be synced to the iCloud calendar. On your iOS device, make sure you setup iCloud to use the same Apple ID as you did in iCal. All your events should show up with no problem.

Note that if you have multiple accounts setup in iCal like Gmail, etc, you can go to iCal Preferences and choose the default calendar.

default calendar

Of course, if you have Gmail added to all your iOS devices, then any event created on the Gmail account will also show up on all devices too. But if you want to specifically use iCloud, then choose iCloud as the default so when you create a new appointment, it will be on the iCloud calendar. Enjoy!

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  1. When I go to add account, an iCloud account is not an option. Help?

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