How to Share Your Screen with Skype

The new Skype for the Mac now ships with a few new features, the coolest of which is screen sharing. Aside from supporting the Skype to Skype phone calls and the


To try it out go to the Skype Beta website and download the latest release of the beta version of the application. It’s a rather large download of about 42 MB so it might take some time depending on the speed of your Internet connection. After the download completes the installer image will mount automatically. Drag the Skype icon from the mounted image and drop it into the Applications folder. Now log in with your Skype account.

Screen Sharing

To start screen sharing click on Share Screen from the Share section of the Skype menu during a call. You will see the following window asking you if you really want to use this features. For sanity’s sake check the Do not show this message again option before clicking OK.

skype screen sharing message

This feature works across platforms. So you can share your screen with Windows and Linux users. Happy screen sharing.

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  1. Andrew says:

    The first time I used it I was addicted… now I really want Multi-party video!

  2. Davis Carr says:

    My friend saw me this utility yesterday. We shared our screen and help each other is solving the problems.

  3. raju says:

    Hello friends can anybody help on share your screen in skype by Tracer.exe command

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