How to Set Programs to Automatically Run Each Time your Mac Starts

If you’re a recent convert coming from Windows to OS X, you may have a bit of difficulty figuring out how to add programs to the “startup list”. Quite a few programs include a “Run this program when OS X starts” feature, but just as many don’t. This tutorial will show you how to add an application to your startup list.

If the program you want to run when OS X starts has a Dock icon, simply right-click (ctrl-click for the single-button mouse folks) that icon and select Open at Login. Now each time you start your Mac, that program will launch.

adding twhirl to the programs to run at os x startup

If the application you want to run when your Mac boots doesn’t have a Dock icon, open the System Preferences by selecting the Apple menu-bar icon in the very upper-left corner of your screen, and select System Preferences… from the drop-down list. In the System Preferences select Accounts in the Systemsection.accounts section of the system preferences

Now select the Login Items tab in the Accounts window. Click the plus sign ( + ) button below the These items will open automatically when you log in: box.

login items list in OS XNavigate to the program you want to run at login, select it, and click the Add button.

adding a program to the startup list in OS X

That application will now appear in the These items will open automatically when you log in: box, and will run each time OS X starts up.
the list of programs that will run each time your mac starts Close out of the System Preferences, and you’re done!

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