How to Rotate Wallpapers in OS X

MacOS X ship with some pretty fancy wallpaper options by default. You can also use your own wallpaper images using the System Preferences pane. It’s nice to be able to have a different wallpaper every day. Here’s how you can set a rotation system for you Mac’s wallpapers so that your wallpaper changes at a frequency that you set.

Click on the Apple logo at the top left corner of your screen and then select the System Preferences option. In the System Preferences pane click on the Desktop & Screen Saver button. Select the Desktop tab. Now you can pick an image folder from what is available to you by default, or you can add a new folder. Click on the + sign to add a new folder.

Once you have selected the folder from which you want the wallpapers to be picked check the checkbox next to theChange pictureoption below the images. You can set the rotation time to what you want. You can set the interval to 5 seconds right up to every day.

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  1. I use iPhoto albums as my source of desktop wallpaper and have it rotate it every time my mac wakes up from sleep..

    my problem is that osx doesn't know how to correctly handle different size wallpapers.. at least not the way i want it to behave. I have many different size wall papers. some are smaller than my desktop and some are larger. for the wallpapers that are larger, i want it to be shrunk down to fit the desktop, but for the small ones, i don't necessarily want it to stretch to fill the desktop. "Fit to Screen," "Fill Screen," and "Stretch to Fill Screen" will shrink down the large pictures but will stretch out the smaller ones while "Center" and "Tile" will leave the small images but won't shrink the large images….

    I know i'm being bit picky here, but it's the behavior i want. I use an app called ChangeDesktop which does what I want. so i will be sticking to it until apple decide to support this natively

  2. Okay, so I set my desktop wallpaper to rotate, accidentally I set it to every five seconds. It's really annoying, but it WONT STOP! I uncheck the boxes to rotate the pictures, but the settings wont apply, and the wallpaper is still switching every five seconds as we speak. I hate it, and I just want a way to make it stop!

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