How to Install Fonts in OS X

If you’re a recent switcher, you’re probably used to dragging and dropping fonts into a folder in Windows in order to install them. As with many other aspects of OS X, installing fonts is even easier on your Mac.

In fact, it really couldn’t be easier. Download the font you want to install, and double-click it. The Font Book will open. Click the Install Font button.

os x font book prior to installing a font

The Font Book will now display your newly installed font.

font book with newly installed font

And now any time you want to use that font, it will be available in your list of fonts.

font picker in os x

That’s it!

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  1. Ryan says:

    What happens if I want to install like 100 fonts? This way of doing it is actually slower than on Windows (dragging to the Fonts folder). How can I do this on a Mac?

  2. […] an almost bewildering array of fonts that ship with Mac OS X, and, as we’ve covered before, installing new fonts in OS X is made simple with Font Book. To help keep track of your favorite or most commonly used fonts, […]

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