How to Add Widgets to Dashboard

Widgets are small applications in OS X that can be set to open together on your Dashboard at the press of a single button. Widgets are generally single function programs, and Mac OS X ships with a number of useful Widgets, including clocks, calculators, calendars and more, some of which provide easy access to the basic functionality of other full-blown Mac applications. Adding new Widgets to the Dashboard is simple, and a quick way of tailoring your Dashboard’s functionality to your needs.

In this tutorial, we’ll take you through the process of accessing the Widget List to add and remove Widgets from the Dashboard:

1.) Open Dashboard by either clicking on the Dashboard icon in your Dock, or by pressing the assigned function key:

Dashboard Dock Icon.png

2.) When Dashboard opens it will present you with your current selection of Widgets:

OS X Dashboard.png

3.) Click on the Plus sign icon at the bottom left corner of the screen :

Open Widget List Icon.png

4.) This will bring up the Widget List along the bottom of the screen, which features a selection of different Widgets to choose from. You can scroll through the list by clicking on the arrow icons on either side of the list:

Dashboard Widget List.png

5.) To add a new Widget to your Dashboard, click on its Widget icon in the Widget List. Here, we’ve chosen the Google Search Widget. The new Widget will appear on the Dashboard, accompanied by a rippling visual effect:

Visual Effect when Adding New Widget.png

6.) To move your new Widget into the desired location on the Dashboard, simply click on it and drag it into position:

Move by Dragging Dashboard Widgets.png

7.) You can add multiple Widgets of the same type. Here, we’ve added a second Clock Widget, set to a different timezone:

Multiple Copies of same Widget.png

8.) To remove any Widget currently on the Dashboard, click on the X icon on the top left of the unwanted item:

Remove Widget Button.png

9.) When you’ve finished adding or removing Widgets, click on the X icon in the lower left of the screen to close the Widget List:

Close Widget List Button.png

Setting up your Dashboard with your favorite Widgets is a great way to give yourself quick access to information and functionality at the click of a button, without having to laboriously open a selection of large applications to get the same effect.

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