Worth Buying the 15-inch MacBook Pro Retina Now?

The 15″ retina display MacBook Pro that has just recently been released is the main focus of many Apple websites and tech blogs. Apple is also pushing the new laptop heavily through television advertising. However, the way that Apple has decided to debut and market this new MacBook Pro is very untraditional, compared to other product releases by Apple in the past.

MacBook Pro Retina

Yes, the new MacBook Pro with Retina looks great on paper, and yes the benchmarks are in and the computer’s updated Ivy Bridge cpu and increased SSD capabilities help it to outperform all previous MacBook Pro and Air models. So if you need a new computer now, and want a Mac, the MacBook Pro with Retina is a great choice.

However, the way Apple released this particular MacBook Pro at WWDC seems rather strange. In similar words, Apple dubbed the new MacBook Pro as “A glimpse of the future of the MacBook Pro lineup.” But, why just a glimpse at the future? Why only release the retina MacBook Pro as a 15″ model.

Also at WWDC, the 17″ MB Pro was discontinued, which waters down the MacBook Pro lineup to only 13″ and 15″ screen sizes. Now, MacBook Pro buyers have the option of either a 13″ Pro, 15″ Pro or 15″ Pro with Retina. This is a marketing trend that seems transitional only. It’s too confusing to have two different kinds of MacBook Pros, one standard and one Retina, so when this transitional phase is over, the retina display MacBook Pro should account for the entire MB Pro line, including 13″ versions. The MacBook Air should be rebranded as just “MacBook” given that the new Retina display pros are nearly as thin as the Air anyways.

Apple will likely make the Retina display MacBook Pro available in a 13″ MacBook Pro notebook in the near future, which is reason enough for some buyers to wait and pass up this particular MacBook Pro. Alternatively, many Mac buyers that want the more portable 13″ screen have opted for the slightly updated MacBook Air.

I suggest that if you want a 13″ Apple laptop, you should hold out for a bit longer. Many tech blogs have posted rumors from confirmed sources that the reason Apple couldn’t debut the 13″ Pro with retina at WWDC was simply because Apple’s manufacturers couldn’t keep up with the strong product demand for the 15″ model. Alternatively, ordering the screens for a 13″ retina MB Pro may not have been effectively planned, and suppliers may simply have not had enough time to mass produce a 13″ Pro with retina in time for WWDC. The Retina display will be updated to the 13″ Pro and MacBook (Air) lineup, hopefully soon.

Apple very likely has a prototype 13″ MacBook Pro with retina display that is ready for manufacturing, the question now is… when? You should pass on the MacBook Pro with Retina if you prefer a Retina display 13″ model, as they may be released later this year. You should also pass on the MacBook Pro with Retina because it seems as if Apple is in a transitional phase with this particular MacBook. Remember when they released the MacBook in aluminum unibody, then not even a year later, removed it and called it the 13″ MacBook Pro. That was another transitional phase.

Hopefully, by Q4 of this year, the Apple notebook lineup consists of the following:

13″ MacBook Pro (retina)

15″ MacBook Pro (retina)

11″ MacBook (currently Air, retina)

13″ MacBook (currently Air, retina)


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