The 5 Best iPhone 4S Cases

I just got my iPhone 4S today and it’s all about being extra careful with my new shiny gadget! I’m upgrading from a iPhone 3GS, so I definitely have to buy a new case. If you had an iPhone 4, chances are you can use the same case, but that’s up to you.

As usual, there are hundreds of choices for protecting your new iPhone 4S, but I tried to narrow it down a little because frankly reading an article with 50 different cases does not help me decide which one to buy in the least! I’ll try to cover a few different types, such as plastic/rubber, aluminum, front and back covering, more expensive/cheaper, etc.

Case Mate Brushed Aluminum

By no means is this case the best choice for everyone. For one thing, it probably will add more weight than any of the other cases since it’s actually made of aircraft grade aluminum! Also, who knows what it might do to your antenna and phone reception considering it’s completely covering the metal strip going around your iPhone, which has the two antennas. In addition, I’ve read that some people had trouble getting this case off of their iPhone 4’s because it fits so snugly.

iphone 4s cases

However, it’s definitely the coolest looking case I’ve seen so far! If you want your phone to stand out from the pack, it’s definitely worth the price ($40). It’s ultra sleek and the brushed metal look is great. Also, it’ll probably protect the phone fairly well in a drop since it’s metal. I’m guessing the frame will take most of the impact, whereas with rubber, the impact will pass right through to the phone.

INCIPIO iPhone 4S offGRID Matte Backup Batter Case

I’m probably going to buy this bad boy. Yes, it’s a whopping $70, but it’s sweet. The case has a backup batter built right into it and you can instantly charge your phone any time by pressing a single button.

best iphone 4s cases

Installing your phone into the case is super easy, just plug it in to the dock connector at the bottom and snap the rest of the phone in. The case itself has a micro-USB port and the case comes with a micro-USB cable, so you don’t have to buy one. You can charge your phone without having to take it out of the case. Also, you can sync your phone without needing to remove the case! So that’s a big plus. Overall, it’s a pretty sweet case and can come in very handy if you always find yourself running low on battery.

SwitchEasy DUO

If you’re looking for something that covers your iPhone 4S completely (front and back), then check out the SwitchEasy DUO, a very simple and sleek case that has a slit on the side so you can still control the volume buttons and switch.

iphone 4s cases

It’s got a nice security strap at the top of the case so you iPhone won’t just fall out if you flip the case upside down. And it’s made of high-quality leather on the outside and rich microfiber on the inside, which removes smudges on your screen. This one is a little cheaper at around $30.

Speck CandyShell View

Actually, I might get this iPhone 4S case, because it’s got a kickstand! How cool is that. If you have an iPad, then you understand how awesome the new smart covers are that you can use as stands. But it’s annoying that you can’t do that with your iPhone…until now!

top iphone 4s cases

So this is great for anyone who watches a lot of video on their iPhones or does a lot of FaceTime. You can basically make the phone hands-free and do something else! Not only that, but the case itself looks really good. This one will set you back $40.

OtterBox Impact Series Case,default,sc.html

Finally, for the cost conscious, check out the OtterBox Impact case. It’s only $20, but gets the job done with a durable skin cover that will protect your iPhone in most minor drops.

iphone 4s case

So that’s it! Those are our five picks for some great iPhone 4S cases on the market right now. I’m sure many more will come soon, but this is what we thought were the best right now. Are you buying a different case? Why? Let us know which one in the comments! Enjoy!

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