Picking the Perfect Macbook

So you’re in the market for a new MacBook but you’re not totally sure what you want? That’s where we come in! Below we’ve crafted a list of the pros and cons of the most popular laptop choices in the Mac world.

Refurbished MacBook


While Apple no longer sells the standard white MacBook, they can be found for pretty cheap at authorized Apple resellers such as Powermax and MacMall. These Macs are great for the new user who’s just getting used to OS X and wants something small to take to the coffee shop or class.


  • Low priced. Refurbished white MacBooks can often be found for $500-$700 online depending on the model you buy.
  • Fast enough. Most users who want to use their MacBook for basic web browsing, email and photo viewing will have no problem using the standard MacBook.
  • Good screen. The MacBook features a 13″ screen, which should be sufficient for most users. The screen resolution is decent as well.


  • Not for pro use. While the MacBook may be fit for casual users, the MacBook isn’t for pro users. The white MacBook tends to lag when editing video in Final Cut Pro and photos in Aperture.
  • Plastic Body. Since the MacBook is made out of a white plastic, it’s more prone to scratches and dents than its aluminum counterparts.

MacBook Air

Macbook air

The Macbook Air is perfect for anyone who is always on the go and wants to travel light. While the Macbook Air may not feature the fastest processors on the market, the SSD which comes standard with the MacBook Air makes it fast to boot.


  • Thin and light. Weighing in at only 2.38 pounds (11″ model), the MacBook Air is an extremely compact and light device, making it perfect for any travelers.
  • Fast enough. The newest MacBook Airs boast dual-core i5 and i7 Intel processors, making them fast enough for most users and some minor professional work.
  • Solid construction. The MacBook Air is made from a unibody aluminum design. This not only provides a sturdy feel, but it also is extremely durable.
  • Solid State. All 2010/2012 MacBook Air models feature SSDs standard. This causes fast boot times and quick app launches.


  • Limited storage. Since the MacBook Air is SSD-based, storage is limited. This is made up for in increased performance.
  • No DVD Drive. Since the MacBook Air is extremely thin, Apple has to leave the DVD drive out. If for some reason you still need a DVD drive, Apple sells USB external drives for $79.

MacBook Pro


If you’re in the market for a professional grade MacBook, the MacBook Pro is for you. With some models boast quad-core i7 intel chips, the MacBook Pro makes editing video, audio and photos a breeze.


  • Powerful. Like I’ve stated before, the MacBook Pro features extremely fast CPUs. While the 13-inch model features moderate performance with dual-core i5 and i7 processors, the 15″ and 17″ models come standard with quad-core processors. This is ideal for video rendering and file processing.
  • Solid construction. Like the Macbook Air, the MacBook Pro is made out of a simple aluminum unibody design which is extremely durable.
  • Large Screen. The MacBook Pro is available in 13″, 15″ and 17″ flavors giving you choice over which model is for you.


  • Heavy. While the MacBook Pro isn’t overly heavy, it’s definitely a lugger compared to the MacBook Air. For instance, the 17″ MacBook Pro weights in at just under 6 and a half pounds.

Now that you’ve chosen your perfect Mac, make sure to check back to Switching To Mac for in-depth tutorials, reviews and news surrounding the Mac and iOS platforms. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Thanks for the suggestions. But of the older white Macbooks the only good suggestion would be towards the Mid-2009 version of it. All previous models that looked the same still did not have the same insides and the lowest version of that series is poorly outdate even for casual users.

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